Velocity Series - Overview
In order for mid-size manufacturers to innovate, the development of a rapidly deployable product lifecycle management strategy focused on speed to market is essential. PLM represents a transformational business strategy built on common access to a single repository of all knowledge, data and processes related to your products. This strategy allows you to increase – and control – the rate at which your company’s products change or the velocity of innovation. How can you transform your process of innovation such that these challenges become advantages and your product lifecycle management strategy mirrors the best practices from world class manufacturing processes?

The answer is Siemens PLM Software's Velocity Series.
The Velocity Series™ portfolio provides a digital design environment that fosters innovation through the implementation of preconfigured processes based on the industry’s best practices, which allow for rapid deployment at a fraction of the cost.
This portfolio is designed specifically for engineering organizations like yours:
  • Does your company have limited IT and training resources?
  • Is your company part of an OEM supply chain?
  • Maybe your engineering group has limited or no documented processes.
  • Do you work with many different tools from multiple vendors 
    for each design and manufacturing process?
  • Are you trying to grow from 2D to 3D design processes?

What is the Velocity Series?
Velocity Series™ is a comprehensive family of modular, yet integrated solutions addressing the product lifecycle management (PLM) needs of the mid-market. Consisting of a preconfigured family of digital product design, analysis and data management software offerings, Velocity Series™ leverages the industry’s best practices to provide significant breakthroughs in ease-of-use and deployment. Mid-sized manufacturers can leverage the power of Velocity Series™ to transform their process of innovation while maintaining a low total cost of ownership; and all Velocity Series™ products are completely scalable to the full range of Siemens PLM Software's industry leading, enterprise-level PLM portfolio.

Each module features an intuitive task-based user interface for reduced training, productive processes and rapid adoption. Finally, the applications are all built on the Microsoft Windows platform, allowing easy integration into your existing IT architecture, minimizing overhead support costs and maximizing ease of use.

The Portfolio Features:
Femap, a pre and post processor finite element modeling application known for its tight integration with Nastran, the most extensive and reputable CAE solver in the industry

CAM Express , a full function numerical control (NC) programming application

Solid Edge, technically robust, 3D CAD software and the premier design-centric solution in the CAD industry

Teamcenter Express, an easy-to-use, preconfigured and easy to deploy collaborative product data management solution

Understanding that not all companies are the same, Velocity Series™ can be purchased standalone or as an integrated suite allowing you – at any time – to scale to Siemens PLM Software's full complement of PLM solutions. By either purchasing one or all of the components, the portfolio offers immediate flexibility with a predefined growth path to advanced capabilities, as your business and organizational needs grow. This cost-effective solution allows mid-size manufacturers an entry point into PLM with a low total cost of ownership and dramatic return on investment.

Velocity Series Benefits
Throughout its product portfolio, Siemens PLM Software leverages key attributes that help companies achieve business objectives of waste reduction, quality improvement, shorter cycle times and greater product innovation. These unique attributes directly support business process initiatives aimed at transforming product development.

PLM is one of the few IT solutions that can actually assist in driving top-line revenue growth, while allowing companies of all sizes to innovate, collaborate, reduce cycle time and manage complexity. Now PLM solutions are available to address the challenges of all manufacturers – and that’s good news for companies like yours that are thinking big!

Velocity™ Series allows mid-sized manufacturers to effectively compete with larger companies who command superior resources by:

  • Speeding products to market by providing access to a complete range of robust PLM applications previously not available to mid-sized manufacturers
  • Providing pre-configured “best practices” from the leader in digital product design, CAE and data management to streamline implementation and maximize effectiveness
  • Assisting customers who are trying to grow from 2D to 3D design process, but do not have sufficient resource, knowledge, or experience to do so
  • Delivering standard set of scalable, integrated applications from a common vendor streamlines support and assures ongoing data integrity
  • Enabling supply chain integration beyond tier 1’s, to include smaller suppliers, by standardizing OEM’s supply chain processes to get suppliers up and running fast
The Velocity™ Series is completely interoperable with – and scalable to – the full Siemens PLM Software solution portfolio, all while maintaining its openness to work with best-in-class third party applications.